I guess this is just my spare tumblr I made to help organize things I feel are inspring. Whether it be beautiful art, amazing colors or even awe-inspiring fashion. But I think I am also going to start posting any advice I have for artists out there because art is something I love. And I want to share what little I have to offer. Feel free to ask my anything you want to!


My first “10” pages for my Figure drawing sketch book. My teacher wanted us to draw the torso and put an emphasis on the torso twisting.

I did all from references because seriously, how do you learn if you don’t look?

Referenced from multiple materials, myself, DA stock such as Senshi-stock, Kxhara, Daestock, Ahrum-stock, and so many more I derped and can’t find. I also used lovecastle.org/draw to find some references.